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Mandala Wellness Spa & aesthetic

Meet Neo, your trusted holistic wellness and beauty expert with over 7 years of experience in holistic and spa treatments. Combining her Thai holistic expertise with UK-standard aesthetic training, Neo offers a unique approach to wellness and beauty.


She is highly qualified in a range of treatments, including Thai traditional massage, Thai yoga massage, Thai sports massage, deep tissue massage, UK Oncology massage, and Western oil massage.

Neo also holds numerous certificates in UK aesthetics training in beauty. With a passion for skin sculpting and non-surgical facelift massage, she is dedicated to transforming wellness in the North East of the UK.

Starting her journey in spa and holistic treatments in 2013, Neo has gained valuable insights as both a therapist and spa manager. She continuously expands her knowledge and skills, staying updated on the latest techniques and trends to provide her clients with the best possible experience at very affordable prices.

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  • Level 4 Qualification in Laser and IPL, hair removal & skin rejuvenation

  • Diploma in the core of knowledge in Laser safety from Manchester University, the School of physics & astronomy

  • Level 3 in electrical treatments on the different systems of the body; the effect of galvanic, High frequency, Microcurrent treatment from ABT academy- Nottinghamshire

  • Level 3 in Beauty therapy and massage- City Guilds

  • Level 4 Aesthetic treatments from EVJ training academy in Manchester (Microneeding, Dermaplaning ,Chemical skin peeling,LED light therapy, Microdermabrasion)

  • Natural facelift massage diploma, The Gateway workshop, Glasgow -Scotland

  • Guasha facial the ancient lymphatic drainage massage and natural facelift (Thailand)

  • The Skin sculpting facelift massage (Thailand) -Korean style natural facelift skin sculpting massage(Bangkok)

  • Certicated in Hydro O2 Facial treatment Training – Harley street laser clinic, London 2022


  • Oncology massage practitioner certificate, York,UK 2023

  • UK VTCT  level3 Massage(Cityguild) 2014

  • Thai traditional massage 2015

  • Thai aromatherapy oil massage

  • Thai sport massage

  • Thai deep-tissue massage

  • Thai body lift-up massage

  • Head back and shoulder massage

  • Reflexology

  • Completing

    • UK Personal training diploma

    • VTCT Sport massage level3


Services & Therapies


  • Advanced facial treatments

  • Aesthetic treatments

  • Buccal facial

  • Guasha facial

  • Hand spa facial

  • skin sculpting

  • The natural facelift massages


  • Oncology massage 

  • Thai traditional massage 

  • Thai aromatherapy oil massage

  • Thai sport massage

  • Thai deep-tissue massage

  • Thai body lift-up massage

  • Neck back and shoulder massage

  • Reflexology

  • Foot & legs massage

  • Hot stone massage

  • Lymphatic drainage massage

  • Pregnancy massage



Neo as the  Skin Sculptor of the Northeast, specializes in natural facelift massage with her unique arsenal of techniques aimed at sculpting flawless facial contours and restoring youthful vitality


The innovative approach to skincare concerns, including:


  • Improved Facial Contours

  • Reduced Signs of Aging

  • Enhanced Facial Symmetry

  • Non-Surgical Approach

  • Customisable Results

  • Boost in Confidence

  • Long-lasting Results

  • Minimal Downtime

  • Stimulates Collagen Production

  • Versatility

Neo‘s massage is also unique and provides:

  • Increased circulation

  • Relaxation

  • Improved flexibility

  • Pain relief

  • Enhanced energy flow

  • fascia release

  • lymphatic drainage 

Conditions & Issues Treated


Fine Lines

  • Wrinkles

  • Dull Skin

  • Acne

  • High Pigmentation

  • Uneven Skintone

  • Puffy Skin



  • Anxiety

  • Back Pain

  • Cancer Recovery

  • Depression

  • Headache/Migraine

  • Insomnia

  • Leg and Foot pain

  • Pregnancy Stress

  • Stiff/Frozen Shoulder

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