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Ultimate lifting - anti ageing treatment ( Muscles lifting)


55 minutes


Service Description

Step 1: Double cleanse

Step 2: Ozone steam

Step 3: microdermabrasion / Micro dermaplaning

Step 4 : Radio Frequency treatment

Step 5 : Microcurrent theraphy and LED light

Step 6 : Vacumn massage the neck and face

Step 7 : face lift massage

Step 8 : mask

Step 9 : Oxygen Infusion.

Step 10 : Cold theraphy

Step 11 : moisturizer and sunscreen SPF 50.

Benefit :

Deep Cleansing Facial treatment are removing toxins, excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt from your skin, making it feel and look healthier

Microdermabrasion is exfoliating Facial. Exfoliation is the removal of dry and dead skin cells on the surface of the ski also to improve many skin problems, and it also increases blood circulation, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Oxygen infusion : helps to speed up the metabolism of skin cells. It provides deep skin hydration with an intense flow of Oxy Serums to stimulate skin turnover, boost collagen production, increase skin elasticity, and brighter skin complexion


Microcurrent therapy stimulates a small electric pulsation, imitating natural electric currents of the organism. The electric waves make the production of collagen, elastin and ATP, increases blood circulation ,reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, lips, neck, and forehead.

**Optional **

Medical grade Painless peel £13 to lifts away dead skin cells to smooth , renew and refine and improving the appearance of skin tone ( Clinicare)

-RF. No-Needle Mesotherapy with your choice of serum £19

**Optional Mask ***

Esthemax hydrojelly mask £10

Esthenmax Blue gacia mask £10

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